To complement award-winning design, our systems engineering team had to outdo themselves. And they did.

Our engineers started with the highest quality, highest performance rear hub motor available, and then they customized it to meet the eFlow®'s precise design and performance needs. Starting with a thin profile and lightweight case including a ten-speed Sram Apex cassette free hub and a Coombs QR axle release system. Next a high capacity, 396 Wh battery pack (634 Wh upgrade available in larger sizes) that uses only the finest Samsung Lithium cells, are built to specific parameters to provide the motor with efficient and long-range power.

The exclusive eFlow® user control console enables the rider to choose either torque-sensing pedal assist mode, or power-on-demand mode, intuitively from a removable LCD that detaches with a simple twist to become an operator key.

With normal bike computer functionality like speed and distance traveled, the control console also displays battery state of charge, selected power levels and regenerative braking condition. And finally, the motor control electronics are engineered to assure the entire system works together - flawlessly.
To reach our performance requirements and to outperform the competition, our engineers focused on two critical attributes, torque and power. To achieve our goals, the battery pack, hub motor, and electronic interface must work seamlessly together to provide responsive power matching in pedal assist mode and smooth and instant power in power-on-demand mode.
Ready to deliver system power to take you wherever you want to go. Built with the finest Samsung lithium ion battery cells, our custom removable battery pack allows instant power to be delivered to the motor for quick accelerations and maximum power. Our custom battery management system insures proper cell balancing to keep the battery pack safe and to insure maximum run time. The state-of-charge function provides accurate charge levels so you always know how much fuel is in your tank. When you need to recharge, simply plug into the seat-tube or easily remove the battery so you can charge, wherever it’s most convenient.

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