True innovation. Real performance. Award winning design.

Vincenz Droux, General Manager and lead designer at the well-known Swiss design firm, Flow AG, conducted an extensive design study and conceived the eFlow’s fully integrated design. His challenge was to create an elegant solution with integration of the battery pack and electronic systems while maintaining and enhancing an acute harmony to esthetics, balance and superior handling characteristics.

Vincenz then worked closely with Percy Chien and his engineering team at Fairly Bike Manufacturing Company (FBMC), one of the leading bicycle manufacturers in Taiwan, and one of the most experienced producers of electric bicycles in the world. FBMC provided the extensive research, development and engineering expertise to commercialize and fully develop this advanced electric bicycle that we appropriately call ‘eFlow’.

With its unique design characteristics protected by Swiss patents and numerous pending patents in the European Union, Asia and the United States, the eFlow is unlike any other electric bike on the market today.

In March of 2012, at the Taipei Cycle Show’s design & innovation awards, the eFlow was presented a Gold Award, given by the experts from iF International Forum Design, of Hanover, Germany for exceptional achievements in innovation and design. The eFlow was the first and only electric bicycle to ever receive this prestigious Gold Award.

The awards were hosted by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and the Taiwan Bicycle Exporters' Association (TBEA) and were organized by iF International Forum Design GmbH.
In designing the eFlow® E3 Nitro we have established a new class of electric bikes for North America; a performance oriented, urban bike that is fast, powerful and nimble handling.

The E3 Nitro looks fast, even when it's standing still. Street legal under the US Federal law, it's fast and efficient with a top motor powered speed of 32 kilometers per hour (20 Miles per hour).

You can decide if you want to pedal or not with our dual-mode controls and our powerful 500-Watt silent rear cassette hub motor. Every aspect of the design says it's quick. With clean, aerodynamic lines, an integrated battery in the seat post, internal cable routing, and a 20-speed drive train so you always have the right gearing to add your own human power to soar to new heights.

Take one for a ride. We're sure you'll come back grinning from ear to ear saying, "This bike can fly".
Not just another E-bike. Every aspect is designed to avoid the electronic clutter usually associated with other electric bikes. Internal cable routing, a removable battery pack that is seamlessly integrated into the aerodynamic, oversized seat tube, and sleek liquid crystal display control console.

When a bike can fly, you want to be in control. The E3 Nitro is equipped with a top quality, hydraulic disc breaking system from Tektro. The Auriga E-Sub brakes have electronic sensor controls that cut motor power and activate regenerative braking to send power back to the battery whenever the brakes are activated. Strong and durable wheels and tires are also critical and the Nitro's got them. With durable Alex FR-30 double wall rims and Maxxis 2.0 reinforced street tires, strong spokes with quick release wheels and a simple water-tight motor connector for easy wheel changes.
Award winning design makes it sexy. Performance specifications will make you want to ride it frequently. Every detail carefully chosen so that the eFlow® can be the electric bike that you want it to be. With rack, fender and water bottle mounts, adjustable front suspension and a wide choice of frame sizes and types, you and your eFlow® dealer can tailor yours for you, equipping your eFlow® to be the electric bicycle that’s perfect for your unique needs.

Our hydroformed custom 6061 aluminum frame and the RST adjustable head tube suspension fork with its bladed tube shape is plenty strong and stiff to handle the city streets and deliver a comfortable ride no matter how fast you choose to ride.

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